Rosa's First Quality Home Healthcare, LLC


306 E. Randol Mill Road, Suite 100
Arlington, TX 76011
Ph: 817-461-0154 | Fax: 817-275-9792

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Why Home Health Care?

  • Home is special to you. It is the familiar place where you most want to be.
  • Health care at home allows you and your family/loved ones to participate in your care.

To Qualify/ Be Eligible for Home Health Care You Must:

  • Be under the care of a Physician.
  • Require the Professional Supervision of a Registered Nurse, Physical Therapist, etc.
  • Be homebound (Restricted ability to leave home due to injury and/or illness).


  • Referrals are accepted from friends, family, social workers, physicians or yourself.
  • All referrals must be approved by your physician.
  • A registered nurse and/or therapist will then make an evaluation visit to your home.
  • A plan of treatment is developed, implemented, and reviewed every 60 days in consultation with your physician and the staff of Rosa 's First Quality Home Healthcare, LLC.

Every patient receives prompt, courteous service from well trained, highly qualified health care professionals. Our staff is committed to providing compassionate, high quality care to all who have needs regardless of age, sex, disability, physical limitations, race, religion or national origin.

Contact us today with your questions or to request information. We're here to assist you and your family members.